The Beginning



Be it for me

To scatter words

Into the air

Like fluttering birds

That dive into the sea

To rise again on heat

And drafts of wind

To form the clouds

That ride the skies

To chilly mountain crests

And there to gather storms

That rage and rain

And glide the granite face

Down crashing falls

And run to brooks and creeks

That water farm and field

And broaden into sparkling streams

And rivers rushing back to sea

To tell the tale again

Of the beginning


- Elhanan ben-Avrahm


It Is Always Time

It is always time to see between the edges of the trees, beyond their seeming roughness and impervious glance, to their softer song, the patter of leaves close to each other, their celebrations. They whisper who they are and why they are there, to soak in the sun and swallow rain, to grow.

It is time not to see time, to lie down in grass rooms without walls, to know that you are more than just an observer.

- Thomas A. West, Jr.



I thought these poems were worth sharing