The 3 folders below are all old photographs going back 20+ years that I scanned when I got my digital camera. They are not in any order and are grouped without relation to each other. Lots of pictures of my family, of me as a kid growing up in NJ, of my critters, ex-boyfriends, college craziness and my travels across the country. Have fun!

In 1992, I had the opportunity to work as a helper/slave down the mighty Colorado River for a river guide named Rick Valdez. We were both students at Northern Arizona University and had survived many of the same biology courses between 1990-1992. When I graduated that summer, it was my last opportunity to see Rick l before I moved to Colorado.
I was part of a crew of 6, all guys, on 2 rafts carrying a total of 28 tourists. For 9 days, my duties included humping all their gear, cooking breakfast,lunch & dinner, and potty detail. Made merry with many people I am still friends with to this day and saw some of the most beautiful scenery on this planet. I feel very fortunate to have experienced the magic that is at the bottom of a canyon most people. only gaze at from the rim.

In October of 2000, I spent a couple weeks visiting my sister and her family in the mountains of western North Carolina. My mother drove in from NJ and we had quality time for just us girls. The MOST spectacular autumn colors Ive seen in my lifetime! Pics of our travels and my sisters kids.

In 1987, I had a summer job in Grand Teton National Park as a tour guide for dudes on horseback. At 21 years old, it was my first cross country road trip alone and a coming of age for me. It was the most physically demanding job Ive ever had, 60+ hours a week in the saddle, plus another 10 shoveling shit etc. Not what this jersey girl expected!

In April 2001, I attended the World Telemedia Conference in Budapest, Hungary